FlexPro Meals

Kiss "Plain Jane" Fitness Food Goodbye!

FlexPro Meals are prepared with Fresh Ingredients and no added preservatives or excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners.

Each day Head Chef and fitness nutrition expert Jake Truelove selects and prepares fresh and nutritious gourmet meals that we ship straight to your door ready to heat or freeze every week.

FlexPro for the Family

Finding time to cook can be difficult -- especially when you have kids! Let us do the cooking for you with the FlexPro for the Family Meal Plan. This plan is specifically designed to keep Dad lean, Mom trim, and the kids healthy without starving or eating nasty flavorless food. Learn more here.

You Work. We'll Cook.

Reaching your fitness goals is hard work, but the right nutrition doesn't have to be. We take the work out of meal planning, grocery shopping, store trips, spending hours in the kitchen.

With FlexPro Meals, all you have to do is heat and savor. Healthy eating doesn't get any easier.

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