What our clients are saying!

Business should be simple.  Give the people what they want for a Great Price!  Our Average Customer Stays with FlexPro Meals 6 Months to over 1 year for a reason!

"I can say the food was excellent. I'm not sure what I expected but it far exceeded my expectations. It was pretty simple just microwave and go."   - Jonathan B.
"Not only do these meals taste amazing . . the amount of time I save preparing meals is wonderful!"  -Shari P.
"Blew away my expectations, amazing taste, quality and service. After 1 week of meals not only was I 100% satisfied, I also lost 5lbs and now my wife will be jumping on board as well."  -Thomas M.
"I loved the diet. It all tasted like home made food at the right portions. It's so easy to make and I have been losing weight with it along with working out!"  -Chelsea P.
"I love the meals and the convenience! The cereal is to die for and I love opening the box and getting excited about the constant new dishes that are sent. Have recommended to other friends as well."  -Ebonee B.
"I've tried multiple companies that offer food prep and delivery. FlexPro by far has the best tasting meals. The portion size is adequate and spot on to the website description. The major piece that really sold me on the company is its customer service. Good customer service and a business owner that truly cares about its customers is hard to come by. I enquired about meals after the deadline and I was quickly contacted by the owner. We discussed delivery options and he also stated I could still place an order. I explained I would talk with my wife and place an order ASAP. He actually called me Monday morning just to see if I was still interested. I now have recurring order which I have changed multiple times and I'm still not let down. To sum up my overall interactions with the company; I can say that they have been awesome, I hope they are able to keep expanding, and I will continue to remain a customer."  -Caleb B
"FlexPro Meal's Upgrade Plan is an amazing weeks worth of food. I started at 243 lbs and in 7 weeks I have reached 256 lbs. Pants still fit around the waist and my physique is visibly harder and fuller. I started training in the 4 to 6 rep range to failure. Pushing big weight at least for me. This meal service means no cooking, no cleaning, no portioning or packing. Just clean delicious eating. I highly recommend FlexPro Meals."  -John A
"If you're looking to cut, the Shred is great. The food is very tasty and you get a nice variety of proteins, carbs and veggies. Most cutting diets give me crazy cravings, but with the Shred you get some fruits and even a pancake or two for breakfast! While I might be able to prepare most of the meals, I definitely couldn't have the variety at this price. I would recommend this to anyone looking to "shred"."  -Justin B.
"Well, I am almost finished with my first week of FlexPro meals and I am loving them. The convenience of preparation is nice but it's even better to know I am eating good quality food with the level of calories and macronutrients I need. No more calorie counting and spreadsheets for me!" 
"The food has been flavorful and, considering such meals are unavoidably similar to leftovers (ie, needs reheating), they are quite tasty. The meals have me excited to see what is next on the menu and comforted to know it will be good for me."  -Michael N.