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1.) Select Your Meal Program!

How many meals do you need per day? 1 Meal, 2 Meals, or 3 Meals?

  • 1 Meal   (Choose 1! From Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner)
  • 2 Meals (Choose 2! From Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner)
  • 3 Meals (Choose 3! From Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner)
  • Don't forget your Baked Goods from the Protein Bakery!

Do you need larger portion sizes?

  • Regular Size Portions (300-400 Cals)
  • Lean Muscle LG Portions  (500-700 Cals)
  • For CUSTOM Meals, please complete the Name Your Price form Here!

2.)  Choose Your Meals!

If you wish to choose your meals for every week, download FlexPro's App "Fresh5Foods" from the Play Store or Itunes!

  • Choose "My Meals" and you can select your EXACT meals for each week!
  • After selecting meals for Week 1, please submit your selection by clicking "Checkout"
  • To submit meal requests for ALL 4 weeks, you must Checkout FOUR TIMES!
  • "Checking Out" on the app, is simply for Choosing Your Meals, there is ZERO cost to do so!
  • For any additional questions, please see the "How It Works" Button on the App!
  • This app is NOT a requirement, only if you wish to choose your meals!

3.)  Changing Your Lifestyle

Our Meal Programs are a PROVEN Method for losing weight & reaching your lifestyle goals!  See what our Actual Customers are saying here!

  • Choose a Meal Program you can stick too!  It has to work with your budget and lifestyle!  
  • If you need help setting up your meal program or making adjustments, Ask Team FlexPro!  Our FlexPro Reps are full of knowledge on Nutrition and Reaching Goals!  We have helped our clients lose a TON of weight!
  • Don't be afraid to Choose Your Meals!  No need to pay for foods you're not going to eat!  You have the POWER to Choose!
  • Enjoy your meals!  Reaching goals can be a Fun and Rewarding Process!  You just have to partner up with the right Chefs :)