Why You Should be Foam Rolling.

FlexPro Blog- Why You Should Be Foam Rolling

Not too long ago, foam rolling was a tool of the trade used amongst only athletes, physical therapists, and elite fitness experts. Now, foam rollers have become pretty mainstream. So what the heck do you do with them?

Foam rolling is a way of preforming myofacial release, which is sustaining pressure on a given point of the body in order to alleviate tension. Think of it as what a masseuse does when you go to get a message. The only difference is you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a 30 minute session.

Do you have some sore spots from yesterday’s workout or pain from a knee injury you had years ago? Foam rollers are a great tool to rehabilitate new & old problem areas, prevent future injury, and make your body just plain better.

Here are some of the awesome benefits of foam rolling:

  1. Cost- Basic foam rollers can cost around $20-$40, which is way cheaper than a single visit to the massage therapist.
  2. Convenience- You can foam roll just about anywhere, including home. Next time you are watching your favorite TV show, pull out the foam roller and multi-task! Lots of gyms now provide foam rollers, so you can roll before, after or even during your workout.
  3. Faster Post Workout Recovery- Many times after a tough workout, you experience muscle soreness in certain hot spots on your body. Foam rolling will alleviate the tension in these hot spots and cut down on the soreness to help you recover faster.
  4. Increases Flexibility & Mobility- When you consistently foam roll areas on your body, the muscles in that spot become more elastic, resulting in better flexibility and mobility. Having flexible muscles that have good mobility is key to injury prevention and boosting your overall fitness level!
  5. Alleviates Old Injury Pains- Have an old injury that flairs up when you do certain activities? Foam rolling can help that by breaking down scar tissue in the area that is causing you pain.

Foam rollers can be found at pretty much any sporting goods stores, often for less than $20. Experiment with your foam roller to find just the right way to target your problem areas or do a quick Google search to find instructional foam rolling videos.

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